The ISRSE-39 Program Committee invites you to submit proposals for technical sessions to be included in the general programme, focused on specific topics consisting of

* individual papers or

** invited sessions / panels to be conveyed by individuals or organizations.

* Author(s) of the individual papers to be presented in the technical sessions should either submit their abstracts WITH or WITHOUT full paper (for further information, please see abstract submisson section

** Abstract submision is OPTIONAL (i.e. NOT obligatory) for invited sessions/panel members. However, if they intend to submit an abstract (with or without full paper), they can do it via abstract submisison (WITH or WITHOUT) full paper

Technical Sessions proposals must be submitted by email to as Excel format (please see ISRSE-39_Organized_Session CONVENER NAME.xlsx), with the following content:

  • session title and a brief description
  • list of potential contributors and proposed topics and titles of their talks (maximum 6)
  • preferred session format (individual talks or a panel discussion)
  • proposed session co-chairs

Madhu Chandra

Guo Huadong

Arif Karabeyoğlu

Andiswa Mlisa

Stephen Volz